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100,000 people vanish into THIN AIR!!!

We Big Header journalists know where it’s at.  So when 100,000 UK citizens march against Brexit, we like to report it! But not the BBC! (FYI!) There were helicopters flying overhead over-seeing the long columns of peaceful marchers stretching from Hyde Park to Parliament square. But none from the BEEB? And nothing

HEADLINE LIES, tiny apologies

Our papers have been spreading lies about immigration problems that DON’T EVEN EXIST!  And too many times…  If there is a real immigrant problem: tell the truth! But don’t make up lies. Or are you someone who believes ‘Accuracy is for snake oil pussies?’ And if you spread a BIG LIE

American Billionaire Con Trick

An American Billionaire paid tons of cash to ‘Boffin’ labs that spy on our UK social media accounts.  They use our personal data, without our permission, to create ‘alternative facts’ (or… bald faced lies?) and then brain-wash our voting intentions. Is this how to organise a fair referendum??? We don’t think