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Brexit is a Cancer

Brexit is a cancer, but Cummings, Gove, Johnson et al do not want that cancer to be treated. Brexit is consuming the resources of the UK, with one sole aim, to kill the UK. Already £900 million has been consumed by Brexit. Resources that could have been spent on our schools, hospitals, infrastructure and

Dear Theresa May,

Dear Theresa May, Dear Rees Mogg, Baker, Fox, Dudgeon Smith, Davis, Patel, Leadsom, Johnson, Hoey, the ERG, the Tufton St.Group, and the IEA, et al. Dear Jeremy Corbyn, and the handful of Labour Brexiters, supporting Brexit in spite of the vast majority of Labour membership rejecting it absolutely. This letter is for YOU. You

Trump Herbalifed by Putin

Trump has been running pyramid schemes his whole life under the ‘Trump’ brand – and it was very much the Herbalife* model – get vulnerable people to waste all their money, until they quietly go away, very sad indeed.  You can read more about Trump's scams here. Putin, and his bright

DOJ Press Conference: Twelve Russian military officers interfered in 2016 US election

The United States Department of Justice announces charges that twelve Russian military officers hacked into DNC servers and then released embarrassing emails with the intent to impact the 2016 Presendential Election. But wait, there is more: Using spearphising, they hacked into computer networks to spy on users, exfiltrated data, and spied

Press Baron Brexit for Tax Havens

The real reason for anti EU stuff in some newspapers is now as clear as day!!! Tax dodging billionaire press barons use tidy tax havens to make even more cash. But the EU thought this was unfair, so thought to put a stop to it. Boring details here And the press barons told their

Random Robot Exposes Herbalife People Farm

A random robot, calling itself the Salty Droid, has exposed, over several years, how Herbalife is nothing more than a brainwashing, spirit draining, soul destroying, money sucking cult. And the robot being made of steel rather than flesh and blood, is tougher than most; the Salty Droid won't let up! The