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American Billionaire Con Trick

An American Billionaire paid tons of cash to ‘Boffin’ labs that spy on our UK social media accounts.  They use our personal data, without our permission, to create ‘alternative facts’ (or… bald faced lies?) and then brain-wash our voting intentions.

Is this how to organise a fair referendum??? We don’t think so. The Big Headers say: get that Billionaire con artist, extradite him to the UK, put him on trial, and if he does not pass Go, put him in jail, and through away the keys!

Who does he think he is? Apart from bloody rich!

And God Almighty only knows for what reason he wanted to mess up a UK referendum. After all he is bloody rich! What more does he want?

And what is the Electoral Commission doing about this? Nothing! Time to get on the case guys!

What about our good newspapers? – nothing also!  It was OUR UK REFERENDUM and it was the people’s choice! But if these cheats did this then the Referendum result MEANT NOTHING!

How about some more reporting guys! We want to know the TRUTH!

Brexit or Remain – our elections and our referendums are BRITISH, and not for meddling with by foreigners, and in particular con artist Billionaires.

Read the boring details here

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