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Brexit is a Cancer

Brexit is a cancer, but Cummings, Gove, Johnson et al do not want that cancer to be treated. Brexit is consuming the resources of the UK, with one sole aim, to kill the UK. Already £900 million has been consumed by Brexit. Resources that could have been spent on our schools, hospitals, infrastructure and

Dear Theresa May,

Dear Theresa May, Dear Rees Mogg, Baker, Fox, Dudgeon Smith, Davis, Patel, Leadsom, Johnson, Hoey, the ERG, the Tufton St.Group, and the IEA, et al. Dear Jeremy Corbyn, and the handful of Labour Brexiters, supporting Brexit in spite of the vast majority of Labour membership rejecting it absolutely. This letter is for YOU. You

Trump Herbalifed by Putin

Trump has been running pyramid schemes his whole life under the ‘Trump’ brand – and it was very much the Herbalife* model – get vulnerable people to waste all their money, until they quietly go away, very sad indeed.  You can read more about Trump's scams here. Putin, and his bright

DOJ Press Conference: Twelve Russian military officers interfered in 2016 US election

The United States Department of Justice announces charges that twelve Russian military officers hacked into DNC servers and then released embarrassing emails with the intent to impact the 2016 Presendential Election. But wait, there is more: Using spearphising, they hacked into computer networks to spy on users, exfiltrated data, and spied

Alyn Smith MEP’s Blistering Attack on Brexit

"You were right, you were genuine, to take those promises at face value." "At the end point of this process, we see what the reality is - there is no shame in changing your mind." Something for the pro Brexit pundit to consider. Brexit is a scam. Game's up. #StopBrexit Alyn Smith

Top Tories Know How to Tweet Twitter!!!

After Conservative Party Chairman Mr Brandon Lewis decided to hire an army of tweeters to ‘take the social media fight to Labour’, our favourite Brexiters took up the gauntlet, and decided to help! The magnificent Mr Ben Bradley, on the very same day that the Tory Twitter campaign was announced managed

Brexit is a Dead Horse

Now that the real impact of Brexit is coming clear - up to 2.8 million fewer jobs if we end up with no deal - we can say that Brexit is a Dead Horse! However at Big Headers the concern is that the current Government will continue to flog the Dead

Brexit Borders on Madness

We all know the worrying phrase that the government uses to describe our Brexit strategy: "Brexit means Brexit" - an approach to make a three year old cry, but generally not used for adults. However the way in which the government treats the Irish border question makes them certifiably mad. They talk