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Top Tories Know How to Tweet Twitter!!!

After Conservative Party Chairman Mr Brandon Lewis decided to hire an army of tweeters to ‘take the social media fight to Labour’, our favourite Brexiters took up the gauntlet, and decided to help!

The magnificent Mr Ben Bradley, on the very same day that the Tory Twitter campaign was announced managed to get fifty five thousand retweets with a single tweet!

Not to be outdone, Mr Rees Mogg, thinking this twitter lark is a jolly jape after all, insulted Mr Corbyn on Channel Four news (!), just so that he could then send out this tweet:

However, as it stands, he has only accomplished thirteen thousand retweets. Probably because Mr Rees Mogg did not really know how to say sorry! At least not as well as Mr Bradley!

But Mr Rees Mogg, never one to give up a losing battle, then tried again, with this tweet:

The Sun then realised that it was too many lies on a single page, even for the Sun, and removed the online article.

Mr Rees Mogg though won’t delete his tweet, as he wants to help Mr Brandon Lewis. Maybe Mr Rees Mogg should speak to the Sun’s legal team to find out what was wrong with the article?

Meanwhile the super intelligent Mrs Nadine Dorries saw the what the brilliant Mr Rees Mogg had done, and decided to copy him!

There were some worries for Dorries though as she was ignored a bit: only got three hundred retweets.

So then Dorries thought she would be rude about Major.

Except Major ignored her, which meant she did not need to apologise, and her tweet was pretty much ignored!

Bad luck Dorries! Better luck next time!

Meanwhile Mr Brandon Lewis might be interested in studying the legacy of this tweeter here – a certain David Jones @DavidJo52951945 who does not come from Wales!

He came from the Russian Internet Research Agency, and he can teach the Conservative Twitter Army a thing or two!   That is, if the Conservative Twitter army *are* interested in dividing the U.K., spreading lies and hatred against minorities, and assisting foreign powers to gain control and influence over the U.K.

The verdict is currently out on that one.

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