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Drive car jobs out of the UK?

That’s what Brexit loving politicians want.  As well as driving our UK economy over a cliff! Why? Well, easy! Power is what politicians really really want. Jobs come a poor second.  And Brexit politicians think that the UK people are still brainwashed about the brilliance of Brexit. But readers of Big Headers are getting the picture of why it is THE BIGGEST CON OF ALL & politicians need to get a WAKE UP CALL!!

If you don’t want your car industry to be suddenly hit by crippling border bureaucracy, severe damage to the supply chain, bankrupting additional tariffs, you know what to do.  There are 800,000 jobs in the car industry alone.  And then another 400,000 supporting marketing, advertising, design, accounting, transport jobs! And it’s not just the car industry.  Any large employer – be it services or industry, will face a question: do I slowly go out of business due to the crippling effects of Brexit, or to I move out of the UK into the EU?  These big core industries WILL CLOSE DOWN because of Brexit, and ALL THERE SUPPORTING INDUSTRIES AS WELL!!

Any European business will ask: do I now compete and take the markets from these UK companies which now cannot afford to compete? And the answer is yes! They aren’t being mean.  It’s just business!!!  F**k – if you were selling apples at 10p, and your neighbouring stall sold exactly the same apples for 20p – you would quickly put the silly t**t out of business, and get richer yourself!  If other EU countries had been so stupid to make its products more expensive and more difficult to make, our UK businesses would have loved to take their business away. It’s obvious.  And the only idiots are US in the UK!

What do we do about it? Vote only for the anti-Brexit politician. But vote tactically. Save your job. Save the UK economy. Don’t vote along party political lines. Vote for the decent MPs. The Tory party was 99.7% pro Brexit – so the Tory party needs to be voted OUT, OUT, OUT, with the exception of one honourable man: Ken Clarke.

Our European friends are bewildered!

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