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Reasons to Vote Tactical

Why vote tactical?

1. Because we want the United Kingdom to stay united,

…and Ireland to retain the peace.

2. Because the damage of Brexit is only just starting.

3. Because Theresa May is all over the shop!

…debates excluded!

4. Because we don’t want liars to represent the United Kingdom

5. Because all the lies about the EU, were, in fact, lies.

…in particular the one about immigrant numbers. …Theresa May’s fault when she was home secretary perhaps?

6. Because it is time for a change.

7. Because the Conservatives do have a money tree!

whereas Labour have a costed manifesto. (But they don’t have a costed Brexit!)

8. Because it is the right thing to do.

…rather than the wrong thing to do:

9. Labour and Conservatives have not attempted to cost Brexit, and are ill prepared. Neither seem to care about Brexit impact!

10. You don’t want a party that says breezily it will all be ok. When it obviously won’t. And the rats who sold Brexit then jumped ship just as it set out for sea!

11. Nobody really likes a facist press.

12. No one wants a MugWump to negotiate Brexit

13. Because the NHS has had enough.

14. Because the lady in the van had more of a plan.

15. Because Theresa May is only interested in furthering her own career, and not in our country.

16. Because going ahead with something as stupid as Brexit is stupid

17. The Conservatives have made the UK less safe and less secure

18. Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats tell the truth about Brexit

19. Theresa May is one of the worst politicians. Caroline Lucas is one of the best.

20. Brexit is about lies. Everytime someone does not believe in Brexit, a Brexit fairy dies.

21. And finally the only people who really wanted Brexit are billionaire press barons!

So we recommend tactical voting. With good reason.

…and more good reasons will be found by following these guys:


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