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Brexit is a Dead Horse

Now that the real impact of Brexit is coming clear – up to 2.8 million fewer jobs if we end up with no deal – we can say that Brexit is a Dead Horse!

However at Big Headers the concern is that the current Government will continue to flog the Dead Horse as a brilliant idea!

They will say there is nothing more that the UK needs than a Dead Horse to help our economy, create UK jobs, and take back control (but don’t ask what that actually means – not worth it!).

But the Dead Horse is in fact still being ‘ridden’ by three horsemen and one horse woman  of our new British economic apocalypse: Raab, Fox, Corbyn and May.  It’s not going anywhere. It is starting to smell. But these merry stunt jockeys are flogging it hard and fighting each other to stay on the bloated corpse.

Below are realistic calculations for the worst cases for the following scenarios:

Time for a #PeoplesVote and to #StopBrexit

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